Festival D’automne Orgue Et Couleurs 2021 In Montreal

Once eccentric behaviours, like self-branding and personal promotion, have become norms. All of this would not be possible if folks did not spend their hard-earned cash on my art. They are directly promoting the growth of future art– my own as well as other artists. When I studied in ceramics, I had no previous experience or much exposure to clay, so when I finally came up with my production line, I went with my instinct. This is the first festival to celebrate forró and Brazilian dance in Montreal.

Qouleur Festival

Beyoncé dropped the music video for her most politically charged song yet and accompanied it with a Super Bowl performance that had tongues wagging and http://articule.ca/en/projects/legacy police unions protesting. Kendrick Lamar electrified the Grammys stage with a performance that touched on everything from the prison industrial complex to repatriation. But given today is International Women’s Day, I want to recognize a few lesser known artists here at home who are using their work to challenge, to protest, to educate, to inspire, to remix and to imagine. In mid-August, the city’s Gay Village hosts the week-long Pride and Black & Blue, the world’s largest gay-benefit dance party, follows in October. Cinephiles flock to the Afrocaribbean LGBT Film Festival and Image+National LGBT Film Festival, and more offbeat events include the Qouleur Festival of art and social action and Mado’s Drag Races, a fun event that flips gender on its head. Using art and critical dialogue as vehicles for social change — through performance and visual art, panel presentations and conversation-style breakout sessions — it explores the ways mixed folks negotiate identity, power dynamics and community building in their everyday lives.

Artistic Projets

Her purpose is to create space for Indigenous peoples to access the knowledge they carry from their ancestors and bring back community, balance and humanity to the design, integration and evolution of digital technologies and online spaces. The legacy of which is meant to advance Truth and Reconciliation both in physical and virtual worlds. Dr. Jennifer Wemigwams is Assistant Professor in the Department of Leadership, Higher & Adult Education at University of Toronto. Her research is focused on Indigenous Knowledge Education that reflects and embraces diverse Indigenous Nations nationally and internationally.

  • Combining her voice, her body and spirit, her performances grab hold of you and pull you into her world.
  • During an interview with Vintage Vixen, she reminisced on how she would often root for the Hollywood film noir femmes fatales character inevitably destined for either tragedy or repentance.
  • In 1991, DiAna’s then-unorthodox methods for talking about sex and condoms were documented in Canadian-born Ellen Spiro’s short film DiAna’s Hair Ego, which will also be screened on Thursday.
  • This paper posits that the nexus of both media technologies (i.e., mainstream media and Twitter) gives rise to the proliferation of hatred against Muslims and result in Hindu-Muslim polarization, which may lead to an extreme Islamophobization of India.

M. Sharon Jeannotte is an Affiliated Researcher at the Centre on Governance of the University of Ottawa. From 2005 to 2007, she was Senior Advisor to the Canadian Cultural Observatory in the Department of Canadian Heritage. Before that, she was the Manager of International Comparative Research in the Department’s Strategic Research and Analysis Directorate. Kuan-Yun Wang is a Ph.D. student in the joint program Communication and Cultural Studies at York and Ryerson University. Wang has been working as a journalist and photographer and writing and reporting about Palestine since 2015. Currently, she is writing a book that is scheduled to publish in the summer of 2021 on Palestinian identity. Ira Wagman is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies in the School of Journalism and Communication at Carleton University.

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there are a great many teenage, racialized transwomen with PTSD who have never been abusive. ” is a way to create a space for more marginalized voices, and also to create a different space where it’s about encountering different people,” said Lin. Professor Xavier’s research interests include Indigenous food security, Indigenous land connections and rematriation, Indigenous food ways, and Indigenous ways of knowing. In 2020, she was awarded the new McMaster Indigenous Research Institute “Indigenous In-Community Scholar Fellowship.” The project will work within Adrianne’s community of Six Nations of the Grand River Territory to grow the understanding and capacity around food security and sovereignty. Zeinab Farokhi is a doctoral candidate at the Women and Gender Studies Institute and Diaspora and Transnational Studies, University of Toronto. Her research focuses on the transnational aspect of right-wing extremist groups, paying specific attention to the gender dimension of the development of this phenomenon in India, Canada, and the United States. Taeyoung is a PhD candidate in the School of Communication, Simon Fraser University. Since joining the school in 2016, he has studied the ideological and discursive dynamics of the global cultural/creative industries by analyzing government policies and texts of cultural products.

Qouleur Festival

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